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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lions and tigers and MMR jabs, oh my

Urgh, I was stuck with a needle and injected with live virus today. As she did it, the nurse told me she was "obliged to inform me that this is the American MMR jab," (probably because the UK's run out of stocks of our own variety, quel surprise), and promptly stuck me with the syringe. Lovely.

Odd that I'd not really want to have a simple immunisation done, when I've given blood several times using a needle that you can see down the middle of. Only took a second though, and the pain was negligible... I really am a total wuss.

Been leafing through my "Minty Freshers 05" pack I was mailed by the UCE Students' Union, it's looking good - though I can't decide whether to shell out £25 for this wristband that gives you guaranteed entry into every venue taking part in Freshers' Week, or whether I should just pay as I go... Hmm. Quite pleased that I've managed to (pretty much, albeit bar a few teething troubles) got my PC up and running again, means I at least have a half-decent machine to do Uni work on once the term begins proper. (It's taken me the best part of two weeks to get it to its current state, mission!)

Not relishing the thought of moving out of my bedroom, I love my little bedroom, it's cosy (parents would say messy, dirty and cramped) and I know where everything is (parents would say it's because I leave a trail of my possessions around me as I go, I'd be inclined to agree with that, but what's the problem?). Hmm.

That's what I've been thinking a lot of recently. "Hmm." Just 'hmm'. I think writers call this The Pragmatic Approach Toward The Unknown. I think it's a little of that, and a little apprehension. Not long now until I find out for certain.

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