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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Alex's Blog

Might as well mention, this dude at Uni, who's on the same course as me, the Right Honourable Alex Wheeler (well, just Mr. really, I give him maybe a little more credit than he's due, possibly) - well, he has his own blog: alexsblog.co.uk, where he does much the same as I do... Write about things.


And he plays bass... And don't I know it, I had to go with him to Nottingham (in my car, a little P reg Renault Clio 1.4, in metallic Envy Green) to pick up his bass amp and cab - it was as wide (quite literally) as the back of the car, and as tall. I was amazed, it just literally fit. That was a fun trip back.

Oh, I forgot to mention, today I ate Chicken in a Red Wine sauce, accompanied with some Fusilli pasta. Yum yum (it was, surprisingly for my cooking, tasty! I'll be making that again... The trick is to use one of those Campbell's condensed Vegetable Soup tins. the 295g ones, and some tomato ketchup to bulk it up, and don't be overbearing with the red wine if you're using a heavier variety of wine, such as Cotes du Rhone... Blah blah).

Trust me, it tasted gorgeous. And when you've not eaten anything until that meal for the past 20 or so hours, it better taste damn gorgeous. (Why 20 hours, you say? Well, I ended up cooking and eating my one and only meal of the day for Friday at about ten to five this morning - Saturday - after undertaking a VERY delayed sleep cycle, my sleeping pattern is screwed, I don't know why THAT is, but that's the explanation for the wacky cooking times).

I hear that next weekend, the bass player from Miles Evans' band is coming to do a session, a concert and one of those 'days' where musicians can get together, discuss and share technique, ask an expert (and this guy's a real expert, and would you know it, he hails from Wolverhampton - of all places! - which is probably how the Birmingham Conservatoire managed to book him). This is the bassist who played on all of Evans' biggest recordings, all the live gigs, Bitches' Brew to name but one off the top of my head, so I might see if I can blag a ticket to the concert, that would be sweet.

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