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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Only a week to go...

... The beginnings of trepidation are beginning to worm their way into my thoughts now. I'm really beginning to look forward to the next three years.

In other news, I worked my penultimate shift at the fun factory that's called Tesco today, and I have my last shift (for a month, at the least) tomorrow - then there's the small matter of my transfer application to the Birmingham store, which I'll probably have to do just to afford things such as food and water (cost of living is ridiculous, once you put it all on top of rent, fees etc...) Oh well, at least I think I might be able to wangle a little more convenient combination of shifts if I do get accepted to work in the Edgebaston (in Birmingham) store... Because like hell am I going to willingly agree to work weekends and Friday nights again. No way. No way José.


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