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Friday, December 02, 2005

Oh, what a surprise. Friday once more.

All is not well in the world, I'm stuck here in Halls again this weekend, and majorly bored.

Everyone else seems to have either gone home, has pissed off somewhere with their mates, or is just hiding. Hell, I can't find anybody around, and my best mate just rang me to say that she's NOT now in fact coming by here to say hi before she and her friends go back home (they've all been at the Clotheshow Live, which was in the NEC today in Birmingham), apparently the weather's so bad they're going straight home.


I was really looking forward to seeing her :( She's one of the few little buoys of sanity in this bizarre switchup many like to call University.

Anyway, what have I eaten this week? A variety of things. Today I had a bowl of Coco Pops (Coco Pops for the win, baby!) for breakfast, followed by some pasta just before I set out for Uni earlier this afternoon. Shared a few sausages with a mate later this evening, we were too lazy to cook anything proper.

The other day, I had some mince, which was very tasty, in one of those nice ready-prepared Beef Tonight sauce mixtures. Accompanied that with some baked potatoes, gorgeous that was. Had plain couscous another day too, that's pretty sweet.

I can't remember any further back than that, apologies. :D I must start making a daily record of things I do, that was one of the reasons I started this thing in the first place! Heaven forbid I neglect it, I've paid for the domain name and webspace after all :)

Roll on Xmas, not so much because of Christmas, but because I get to see all my old friends. Yay for that, I have something to look forward to for once in December.

Ooh, and before I forget, the German Market is still on in the centre of Birmingham until Mid-December, check it out, miss it at your peril! They have some awesome-looking beers on the Beer Stand (which I feel is my duty to duly investigate and report back upon in an orderly, scientific manner).

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