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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I need two armbands and a rubber ring, stat!

Ok, so some numpty (well, we all actually know who did it... Mentioning no names coughEMOTOMcough) turned on the bath last night for one of the Adams living on our floor.

He turned the bath on, left it, knocked on Adam's door and shouted "the water's running," but Adam apprently heard it as "the water's done."

So, I get a knock on my door from another Tom (Sulley) saying, "you been running a bath?" "Nooo..." "Come look at this then."

This is what I found:

Now this... This is in the entrance to the flats, on the ground floor, right below our first floor bathroom. Note how the water is COMING THROUGH THE CEILING! The door you can see into our (never-used) Common Room also has water on the windows; I opened the doors and was immediately sprayed with water dripping from the piping through a hole in the ceiling (where it had been put), so the water was obviously getting everywhere underneath the floor. Yuck.

How crap is this... Basically everywhere where the floor looks slightly shinier, yep - that's a big puddle of water.

Look at this video (MP4 format) of the bloody thing, it's like a small fountain... Upside down fountain, anyway.

^^^ the culprit, who thought it was (incidentally) pretty funny. He's just fortunate the security guards thought it was funny too. Oh, and it's also an even better job that we're on the first floor, because if there were fire alarms underneath the floor (they're on the ceilings of each floor, we're in a block of flats here) the water would have most probably shorted one of them out and caused the alarm to go off... In turn, bringing three fire tenders here, along with a big load of really pissed off firemen!

...Now I mean honestly, just how hard it is to doublecheck a bath? Tom's not living this one down for a while, especially cause I went for a late-night snack later that night, forgot the floor was wet, and got horribly squelchy carpet underfoot and two very wet 'n horrible socks. Yuck.

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At Friday, March 24, 2006 10:33:00 AM, Blogger Abby said...

Hello Christopher. I left a comment on your other blog but I thought I would try and leave one here too so I have signed up to Blogger. It's Abby.


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