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Thursday, March 02, 2006

One hectic week!

Well, I've been busy this past week or so. And on Friday last week, I started to feel ill. Great. It's now Thursday the 2nd of March (ooh ooh, White Rabbit for yesterday! :D) and I'm still feeling a bit rough.

I got another letter from TV Licensing, this time it comes with a mock bill with "Amount Due: £126.50" in red... Hah. I can't even pick TV signals up, so they can send me as many of those as they like.

My second (yes, second) Serenity DVD arrived! Now I have the metal tin special release which was only available in Australia (and yes, I bought it from an Australian retailer) and I have the UK release. They both have that really condescending "You wouldn't steal a mobile phone, you wouldn't steal a DVD, you wouldn't steal a car... Downloading movies is a crime" video on the beginning... But let's just think about this:

I buy the DVD (in my case, two copies! Gotta have a loaner copy for the friends), and I put it into my PC to watch it.

I get a really condescending message telling me to not download movies because That Is A Bad Thing To Do, and I can't even skip it - even though I've just coughed up about 30 quid for both copies, and that doesn't even count the official poster and the limited edition film cells in their presentation frame.

Now, I almost feel inclined to go and download a movie just to give the movie industry a big middle finger, especially if they're going to force that kind of attitude down my neck every time I want to watch the film - do you really think I'd want to steal this movie having just BOUGHT a copy? What a stupid trailer, and it still gives the impression that they don't trust their consumers, which is the worst kind of thing to say to someone who's just spent their cash buying your product.


What else... Ooo! It snowed this week, TWICE (it snowed again early this morning, I woke up to a scene of snow-covered surroundings)... It also snowed last week, but that was more of an intense hailstorm, but it did snow properly earlier this week. These bizarre weather patterns only serve to further confuse me at this rate.

In University news, even though I was ill when a marked presentation section of one of my modules was done, I still passed the module overall thanks to good marks on the other two bits of coursework (a business plan and then a much more detailed business proposal, both for an indie record label based in the West Midlands), so I'm happy about that. I still think I'll have to resit my Signals & Sounds and Audio Electronics exams come summertime, but I've always struggled with those subjects (although I think I'm improving slowly).

I have some photos I must put up at some point... I must find an easier way to put photos onto my blog, short of using Picasa (I hate that program, it gives you such little control over the end result of what the pictures look like).

The house for next year is coming together, yesterday I received my Council Tax Exemption Certificate (and only two weeks later than I thought it would, I rang them earlier last week and they said they'd forgotten to send one out, for crying out loud). Tesco continues to amaze me, this time they've managed to foul up by sending my second week's paycheck to my OLD address (where I've not lived for two years), even though I've told them more times than I can count on the fingers of my right hand that I'd moved - TWO YEARS AGO! - so that required another phone call to the store to get that cheque cancelled, and another one sent to my current address.

Bloody hell. Good job I have 1,000 free minutes on my phone tariff... Which reminds me, I must try again soon to get a job.

At least I'm going to see Magnificent Desolution later today at the Imax where my Uni faculty yes (yes, in the same building, I study in the Birmingham Conservatoire and at the Technology Innovation Centre, where the Imax is - the largest screen in the West Midlands, and one of the most advanced Imax projection facilities in the country! Beat THAT with a stick :D)

Aaah, I just looked out the window and it's blue skies and sun. Spring is coming to Birmingham! Yay \o/

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