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Sunday, January 01, 2006

My summary of this Christmas

What have I been up to of recent? All sorts. Been working tons over xmas, then I find out that the bastards at Inland Revenue have been taxing me (even though I'm a student and earn wayyyyyy under the £4,875 (or thereabouts) upper limit for tax-free earnings, so I had to sort all that out. In the meantime, besides from working, I've pretty much been doing nothing at all - not so much out of choice as much as I have nothing else to do. I hid away over Christmas because I hate Christmas, all its forced jollity and all that bollocks. I was really antisocial, in a nutshell. Spent yesterday night in London (New Year's Eve) with 3 friends, that was good fun (I headed down on the train right after I finished work, on a real spur of the moment thing, nothing planned at all) - we got to stand in Westminster Square to watch Big Ben tick over to midnight, and we all had people singing songs. That was pretty amazing. The atmosphere was electric, and even though I didn't properly get to see the incredible fireworks display (I saw bits of it through gaps in the buildings and on the big screens they had positioned around various parts of London), it was the atmosphere which really made it. I missed the Jools Holland Annual Hootenanny, I've watched that for a few years now without fail. Was also disappointed that not many people sang Auld Lang Syne once midnight came!

This week, I'm going back to Uni (I'm at UCE in Birmingham studying B.Sc (Hons) Music Technology to give it its proper name in case anybody's forgotten), sorta looking forward to it but then again I'm back in my comfort zone here at home, so who knows what I'm thinking really - least of all me. Got a hard slog of a year ahead of me, and part of me's not looking forward to it. All smiles and laughter for the parents though, because they're helping to pay for the course and I don't want to let em down or make em feel like I'm not grateful or I'm not enjoying myself at all. I am, just I have my reservations like anybody else would I suppose.


Currently alone in the house, the rest of the family went away on the 30th to see family friends... I had to stay at home to work new year's eve, so that was out of the question. Currently debating whether to go and try and make something to eat (my heart's not really in it, even though I'm starting to feel hungry) or just go fuck that and head off to bed. Nobody's back until late tomorrow, so it's just me and the cat, and the cat's being an antisocial bastard too like he always is.

Bosh, and that's my insight into my mindset at this very moment.

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