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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Holidays beckon! And, Intimate Strangers

This article on the BBC site is something I've oft considered doing myself, it's exactly the kind of thing I always ponder when I'm walking through Birmingham... What does that guy do? Where is that person going?

And why is there ALWAYS traffic going through Birmingham, even at 4am?

Tonight (well, technically today) is my last day in Birmingham (unforeseen circumstances permitting) until 2007! Going home for Christmas, free food, free accommodation and free fire to sit round while I watch crappy reruns on TV. Woohoo! The festive season is upon us again, like a big black cloud of consumerism it looms ever-present over all of us (and then straight after, you have the Boxing Day sales! arg...)

Oh well, least I get the free food out of the deal anyway, can't be half bad. ;)

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