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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My new house :D

Finally got the house sorted out for years 2 (and hopefully 3) of Uni...

... And I took pics! But of course. Especially as I was the only one who actually turned up (grumble) to sort out the key handover, that was great fun driving an hour and a half to Brum, hanging around for several hours to sort it out and then driving back - at night, during which my PDA running TomTom (and telling me which way to go, I hadn't driven the M5 before) decided to crash and hard reset, losing all of its data... Yeah, that was great fun. I had to drive back into Brum centre and then take the other route back, down the M42 (which takes longer, but I can drive it without instruction).

Got back at 11:25pm, and I was so knackered I overslept by 45 minutes for work, got in at 6:45am. Nngh.

ANYWAY, photos:

Front of the house (as you'd see it from the street).

Back garden - to the left of the photo is a separate kinda studio apartment for 'young professionals' (basically it fits two people, and although it adjoins the house, is totally separate from it). The garden does go back a LONG way, but it's very unkempt and reverting to wilderness, but the land does go back a long way and I think if we wanted to (doubtful) we could go and hack away all the wild stuff and have a MUCH longer garden (we're talking almost a hundred feet here, I think!)

My bedroom! :D Room number 4 in the house, if you look in the back garden photo above, my room's window is the one directly ahead of the camera on the first floor :)

Our kitchen, I was really impressed with it, they've really had it done up nicely. There's a standup freezer and a standup fridge just out of shot to the left, but I just couldn't fit everything in (these photos are all stitched-together panoramas as it is!) Check out the fancy light fixtures...

Living room, taken from the perspective of the door as you walk into the room.

Living room, taken from the perspective of the wall opposite the door into the room. Surely you can figure out the perspective based on the previous photo ;)

Apologies for the NASA-Mars-Lander-style black jagged edges of some of the photos, as I was taking all of the individual shots to make the panoramic images up by hand (without a tripod), it's fiendishly difficult to pan sideways without tilting a bit. I'm getting better at it though ;)

I'll be up in the house sooner than I thought I'd be; I have to go up to Birmingham for a resit at the beginning of September, so I'll be there on my own for a night or two (time to crack out the packets of Supernoodles!), and I'll probably take most of my stuff up with my Dad's help and get 'installed' in the second or third week of September, just before term begins. Gonna be hectic, but it's gonna be good.

RIGHT THEN! Now the house is sorted out, most important things next are the Sky (re)installation and the Sky Broadband hookup for our Internet, as me and Iain (one of my fellow housemates) are SERIOUS nerds and just cannot LIVE without our daily dose of webby stuff :D

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At Monday, August 14, 2006 7:07:00 PM, Blogger Abby said...

Lovely photos! Looks like a nice place to live.


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