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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tomorrow is Today! Argh

Oo er, it's all coming up on me rather quickly now... I had a wonderful evening tonight (well, technically, last night), I met up with my best mate and we went to see a film down ye olde cinema - and then, while we were in the cinema, we met some other friends from school, and we went to this pretty cool bar called the Spice Lounge (which has live music, usually funk/soul)... Danced like a muppet for about an hour, and then went home.

Had a great time, but I also feel really sad because, as I suspect any Uni student will tell you, it's incredibly painful half-severing ties with some of your best friends, especially if some of them aren't going to University themselves... It's horrible, for the first time in 18 years i felt like I fit in properly though with a group of real friends, and now - oh wait, no, you can't get comfy! Time to rip up half your brand new roots and move on, sunshine... Oh, and here's £15,000 of debt for you (because that's what I'll have after three years at Uni, at the very least).

I'm really going to miss a few people, they've become my best friends... And to add to that, another of my (only) mates from Wiltshire has been offered a job working for Virgin Mobile in Cyprus for two years (more if he renews his contract after two years), so he'll be off to sunnier climes imminently.

Everybody tells you this, but it's still really hard to try and not feel very isolated, and just a little bit alone. And I'm not even at Uni yet. I guess we can all take solace in the fact that we're all as much fishes-out-of-water insofar as ties to your old friends go. I know that my friends are never that far away, I mean hell, a couple of hours on the train max, but it's still going to be painful not being able to go up to them and just speak, face to face, to hug them and just be in the same room as them. It's incredibly harsh. I've moved schools and moved counties (making me move schools again), but this is the first time I've properly felt like I'm losing a limb, just when I got comfy! Very frustrating.

Roll on happier times... Aaah, woe is me, Yoric


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