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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bullring By Night

What happens when you trek out into Birmingham with a camera, early night skies and an interest in taking panoramic photos?

This does:

If you're wondering where this is, this is on the slopey bit of the Bullring, which, if you head down the steps (to the right, you can't see them in the dark unfortunately) you end up walking towards the (World Famous, apparently) Bull Market.

That illuminated Christmas Tree-derivative is really HUGE - what you can see is what's sticking up from the floor below, hell it comes about level with the clock face, and that's high. At least 40, 50 feet.

To the extrememost sides of the picture, if you walk through the doors on the left, you're in the Selfridges end of the Bullring (the bobbly bit which locals fondly call The Blob). The right-hand doors will take you into the bit with Debenhams, if you're at least vaguely familiar with the layout of the place. Because of the way the Bullring was built on a big hilly slope, where I'm standing is actually the First floor inside the Bullring, and I'm actually standing on top of people (if you could see through the floor).

AAaaaaanyway, enjoy the photo.

I made a very nice tuna pasta thing this evening, came out a bit different from what the packet said it should probably be, but hell, if I like it who's caring.

Oh, and I made more progress on my ROOM TIDY (!!!!!) I should've taken a picture of how it was before, I'm sure I have some old photos somewhere though... My GOD, it was an absolute sty, even by my standards.

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