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Friday, June 02, 2006

Only two weeks left

As I note that Technorati is "experiencing a bit of a spiritual conflict", I also note that I'm really starting to miss being at sixth form, I finally had my first two properly enjoyable years of school, and they were over all too quickly.

I hope I get to see loads of the old crew during the summer, it's like a pair of old slippers - you miss them awfully once they're gone.

I've had a busy few weeks, pulled another all-nighter the other day with CiarĂ¡n (Jordy! YEAAAAAAH! ALLLLLLLLLLRIIIGHT (sorry, in-joke)) to get a pile of coursework done, and there's more due in next week... THEN exams over two weeks, what a pallaver because all of this means I can't go home earlier, like the majority of students can. Oh, and to add insult to injury... This week that's almost over was supposed to be a holiday week for everyone, but - no! - the various Music-oriented courses all had coursework due in through the course of the week.

To quote Peter Griffin, "...Pain in the ass." Ah well, least it'll be the holiday soon, I'll be working in Tesco (woop!) again throughout those months to earn a bit of moolah to duly spend immediately on expensive shiny things, and then it's back to Uni again quick as buckshot for the second year.

... Ah, I might as well - for posterity, this is the full Technorati burp message:

"Sorry, we are experiencing a bit of a spiritual conflict:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has arrived and we have all been taken to planet Zeus 94 to kneel before Zod. All this is a little much for us to handle at the moment so come back later please. And leave a quarter in the collection tray on your way out."

Have to dig the geek humour. :)

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