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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Cripes, I've been working recently. I've, unfortunately, not had much time to update this thing, so consider this blog post a bit of procrastination as I should really be working on a 2500 word essay due in tomorrow at 2pm.

I wrote a long email to my Mum earlier detailing the occurences of the past few days, I might as well quote it here as it's entirely relevant...

I think I will be coming back [home] at some point soon, we have one more week of lessons after this and then the Spring bank holiday - which is a week! - and then two weeks for exams. I need to do revision for my Audio Electronics and Signals & Sounds, and I think I'll be coming back and picking on Dad's brains to help me because otherwise I'll just fail. Badly.

What's going on in my world aside from Uni work? Not much; just realised today that I mislaid my bus pass down at the Factory in Digbeth, walked down from the TIC earlier today, hung around in "The Kitchen" (the cafeteria in the Custard Factory) after talking on the phone to someone who said they'd found a bus pass that day which matched the description of mine... only to be told an hour and a bit later that the guy I spoke to was doing the monthly stock take, was busy all day and couldn't come to speak to me.

Great. That put me in a bit of a bad mood, and I left uttering some disgraceful things which I wouldn't want granny to hear, put it like that. I mean, all it takes is five bloody minutes but can she be arsed to go and grab him away from his stocktake for a few precious minutes? For [expletive deleted]'s sake.

Yesterday was a good day though, sorted out my MP3 player troubles with the insurance company [I dropped it and knackered the internal hard drive, fortunately I was insured for accidental damage] - surprisingly painlessly, probably because I was quite proactive in seeking a workable solution. Amazingly I found a brand new identical model to the one I managed to drop on the floor and break, which is pretty remarkable considering they're not being manufactured any more! The alternative the insurance company offered me was both inferior AND more expensive than my old player, so they were happy when I told them how much less they'd have to pay out (a good forty quid) and because the total reimbursement also leaves space for the excess (£25) I don't have to pay it. So, I've bought the MP3 player already and they'll be sending me the cheque for it soon.

I also got my tyre repaired [I managed to drive over a big nail in my Uni car park, thanks to the building work taking place on campus we have builders who leave all sorts of detritus lying around], £17.50 it cost... Well, should've cost, except the nice bloke at Kwik Fit said it was on the house! So me and my buddy Ciaran (who decided to come with me as he was bored) were quite surprised by that. We fitted it when we got back to Uni, and it's rolling along nicely. Yesterday I also made a purchase of a brand new computer mouse for my PC [a Logitech MX1000, it's very spangly and nice], as my old was was so old and worn out that the switch under the left button was breaking - meaning that I'd click, and either nothing would happen or I'd click about six times, ending up with a screenful of Word Documents and slowing my PC right down. Not helpful. So, I have a wireless mouse now which is ergonomically shaped and all, dead fancy

It's pouring down with rain at the moment, it started when I was down in Digbeth (typical, trust my luck) so I've been walking about in it this afternoon whilst walking back to the TIC from Digbeth (10 minute walk) / walking to bus stop / etc.

Not much else to report really, 's about it...

... And that in truth is it for the moment. I have work to do at the moment which I'm avoiding, but I must get done otherwise I'll fail that module (and failure is not an option, soldier!) so this is going to be another long night.

On the bright side of things, I did get in contact with an old schoolfriend from yeaaaaaaars gone back - she rang my mobile number out of the blue to ask for - yes - technical support for her PC.

Haha! Ironyyyyyyy. It was great to speak to her though, and now she has a web site too (which I will duly advertise for free) - I do quite like it, which is somewhat unusual for me, as I usually hate most web sites for one reason or another. This one ain't perfect, but it's got heart and soul in it, and it made me chuckle, which definitely counts for something. Go take a look at Hannah's Café, and share it with your friends. One of the pages I like the most is the Are You Lonely? flyer, if only I could find someone who met all these things and wasn't already previously engaged in a relationship of their own! Get the violin out time.

Are You Lonely? flyer

I just realised... Only four more weeks left of Uni! Yay holiday (although I'll be working through the summer if I play my cards right... Yummy money in my debit card's tummy. We shall see.

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At Sunday, May 21, 2006 12:10:00 AM, Blogger Abby said...

Hi Christopher, I like your link and my husband and I want to send off for our "chat on the tube" badges. I like your photo on your blog, nice to see your whole face! Hope you are well.


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