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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Running from the bus to Uni: not a good look

No, I've not updated for a while, and I'm truly, truly sorry, can you ever forgive me, I'll do anything to have you back, please please please, et cetera. Yes, I'm back for the new term. And argh, I was really late for an exam this morning.

At least, I thought I was. I somehow managed to end up being almost half an hour late for a practical exam this morning, which resulted in me making an arse of myself by running from the bus stop over half the way to Uni (a good ten minute walk)... By the time I reached my Uni building, I was totally out of breath, with that horrible panging pain in your chest you can only get if you over-exert yourself when you're horribly unfit (so, me then).

It's all karma coming round to kick me in the ass though, because as it turns out the lecturer who'd been teaching the module in question (and who was running the exams) hadn't quite factored in the student numbers correctly for each session, so I get there half an hour late... My group's still waiting to go in to the exam. 'Ok,' I think, 'it looks like they've already finished and they're standing around chatting, I'm dead.' But no, they hadn't even gone in yet - the last group had overrun and there weren't enough spaces for all of us to do the exam at the same time!

I could've fallen over at this point, I was both totally knackered and a bit flabbergasted, to use such a word (not used 'flabbergasted' in a long time, so any excuse really). Myself and another student were rescheduled for the 2:30pm session - a full two hours AFTER we should've begun, so lunch was bought (an ace freshly-made sandwich from the newsagent's just down the road from the TIC which is unfortunately going to be bulldozed when Birmingham City Council redevelops Eastside Park in late 2008/2009), drinks were drunk (orange juice only, you understand) and I went into the exam calm, relaxed and semi-prepared.

I still did awfully, because it's electronics and if you put a breadboard with a few wires and a simple op-amp in front of me and ask me to build a circuit following a diagram given to me on a piece of paper, I just fall apart and can't do it whatsoever. This is what happens when you don't do physics or electronics past GCSE because you want to pursue a more artistic selection of subjects kids, don't do it! Or, do it, but don't neglect your physics, it'll come in important in the future :)

Never mind though, what's done is done and I think I just about scraped through the exam. Phew. And, in other news, my old school friend Hannah Brassington was featured in last weekend's issue of The Guardian's Weekend magazine! How cool is that.

Right, tally ho - on to next week!

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