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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Stupid, useless University Internet connection!

I've been taking loads of photos and little moblogs and all sorts with my new phone, I must get them all sorted out and uploaded asap... If only I can make FTP work through this sucky University proxy! Flippin' eck, this isn't quite the bustling start to the Uniblog which I planned ;) (plus the Blogger template doesn't render properly in IE, that's very clever).

Hang tight kiddos! I'll be back, with OODLES of nice content and stories and all sorts. As soon as I've found a big enough stick to poke my Internet connection with. x

Plus I've had to resort to posting this via the Blogger online interface, because the proxy has decided to stop working with wbloggar even though the proxy details are configured correctly and they work fine with IE (wbloggar just uses the online Blogger API to call the system via HTTP requests, but something's fubared down the line.

In other news: it's my 20th Birthday on the 13th of October (that's 9 days away, now! Scaaaaaaaaaaaary!), and I'm off to Germany for the weekend on the weekend of the 22nd, to a place called Lubeck (near Hamburg) to do some raving with 30 other dudes and one of my best mates... That's going to be awesome. Plus I get to see my bestestestestest friend Helen again hopefully next week, so things are really looking up in the world right now. Apart from my 20th birthday, I'm going to be manically depressed on Thursday. Wow.

All the fun of the fair with me!


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