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Saturday, March 24, 2007

A long overdue update, and some good news!

I've neglected this blog recently, but for good reason - I've just managed to get a placement sorted for next year, working in industry. This'll really help my course, give me a sandwich year placement accreditation on my degree (woo!) and most importantly some real-world experience. I'm going to be working with Wolverhampton-based Revolver Records (yes, the Revolver which signed The Stone Roses way back in the day) - they're a smaller operation now, but truly international, and Paul Birch (the MD) knows a hell of a lot about a hell of a lot! Everything's agreed now, and all I have to do is say when I want to start (which will be either at the tail end of the summer holidays or when the next year begins).

I'm fairly buzzing right now :D I was amazed how fast this got sorted out, given that until two days ago, I had had no responses back from my other placement applications, and I'd almost given up on applying elsewhere. Then, out of the blue, an email comes through from my course director forwarding an email from Paul Birch and I reply - then later that evening he rings me! After that it was pretty fast; I went to the office and met with him, and that was, as they say, that. Things are looking hopeful now! I have to write regular updates during my placement as part of the sandwich course requirements, so I'll probably update this blog much more regularly, too :D

In other news, term is drawing nearer - Easter break in a week's time! - so that'll be a nice pit stop before the last dash to the end of term. I have to start thinking about my third year project, too... Arg.

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