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Friday, July 14, 2006

"Alas, poor bank balance, I knew him well..."

I just spent... *works out* ... £115.88 on Drum & Bass vinyl from three separate online shops, and I was only paid at midnight today.


Does this qualify as an addiction yet? I think in total I've spent wayyyyyyyy over three thousand pounds on black discs with scratches in them during the past two years... Put it like this: I've never seen much of the money I've been paid by Tesco from when I first started there doing weekend work through sixth form to where I am now, working through the summer holiday inbetween Uni terms.

I suppose it's better than smoking though... Onwards and upwards, only another two months of Tesco work left!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oww, teething hurts

My farthest-back wisdom teeth are making themselves known right now.

Oww oww oww, I forgot what biting down on skin was like. :X

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Snow in Brum: it's official

From one of my old favourites, El Reg.

The Brummie readers among you who are currently slumped semi-conscious at your desks encompassed by a semi-circle of fans as the mercury threatens to hit an all-time July high can take heart that you will only have to endure the intolerable heat-induced suffering until Thursday:

Yes indeed, following the recent tropical storm in Belfast, Birmingham is set to enjoy some decidedly unseasonal weather this week. The outlook for Friday, btw, is scattered showers punctuated by the occasional devasting tornado. Enjoy. ®

In other news, I'm back at home at the moment, working in the dotcom section of my local Tesco (in a nutshell, I'm doing the picking of items and packing into bags for people who order their stuff online, which requires that my day starts at 6am for around a 2:30pm finish - today has been my first day off in a week, and I'm absolutely knackered. Just looking forward to payday in about 10 days' time, I can tell you that).

I really must get some of the pictures from the move out up online, they're pretty funny to look at! :D

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