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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Alex's Blog

Might as well mention, this dude at Uni, who's on the same course as me, the Right Honourable Alex Wheeler (well, just Mr. really, I give him maybe a little more credit than he's due, possibly) - well, he has his own blog: alexsblog.co.uk, where he does much the same as I do... Write about things.


And he plays bass... And don't I know it, I had to go with him to Nottingham (in my car, a little P reg Renault Clio 1.4, in metallic Envy Green) to pick up his bass amp and cab - it was as wide (quite literally) as the back of the car, and as tall. I was amazed, it just literally fit. That was a fun trip back.

Oh, I forgot to mention, today I ate Chicken in a Red Wine sauce, accompanied with some Fusilli pasta. Yum yum (it was, surprisingly for my cooking, tasty! I'll be making that again... The trick is to use one of those Campbell's condensed Vegetable Soup tins. the 295g ones, and some tomato ketchup to bulk it up, and don't be overbearing with the red wine if you're using a heavier variety of wine, such as Cotes du Rhone... Blah blah).

Trust me, it tasted gorgeous. And when you've not eaten anything until that meal for the past 20 or so hours, it better taste damn gorgeous. (Why 20 hours, you say? Well, I ended up cooking and eating my one and only meal of the day for Friday at about ten to five this morning - Saturday - after undertaking a VERY delayed sleep cycle, my sleeping pattern is screwed, I don't know why THAT is, but that's the explanation for the wacky cooking times).

I hear that next weekend, the bass player from Miles Evans' band is coming to do a session, a concert and one of those 'days' where musicians can get together, discuss and share technique, ask an expert (and this guy's a real expert, and would you know it, he hails from Wolverhampton - of all places! - which is probably how the Birmingham Conservatoire managed to book him). This is the bassist who played on all of Evans' biggest recordings, all the live gigs, Bitches' Brew to name but one off the top of my head, so I might see if I can blag a ticket to the concert, that would be sweet.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday again. What have I done this week?

In summary: not much. I've gone to lectures, I've missed a couple, I've recovered further (but not entirely) from this bastard flu that's been doggedly curtailing my immune system's ability to keep my body running for a while.

I've updated blogs, I've updated web sites (or they're on the top of my list of things to do). I stayed up until just about now (call it 8am), and now I'm going to get a few hours' sleep before heading off to Uni for my afternoon studio session, where this week it'll be a marathon 4 hours' long specialist recording sesh studying drumkit micing techniques. Yummy, my favourite (in case you didn't know, I've been a drummer for about 8 years, so you could say I have somewhat of a vested interest in the whole exercise).

Oh, and it's part of my course, so... It's fairly compulsory!

What else? Hmm... Let's build up a checklist. I'm:

• missing old friends
• missing best friends
• missing having familiar company
• missing having cash (! the plaintive cry of any student, wherever they may be)
• missing sleep, for it is a wonderful thing and is woefully underappreciated
• missing having a free washing machine & a mum to aid in the loading of said appliance
• missing having TV (pre-Uni, the Discovery Channel and the documentary chhanels were my staple TV diet!)
• missing a DISHWASHER! arrrrgh
• missing playing the drums, it's my stress relief and I can't destress at the moment
• missing having space to walk around in my room without meeting a wall after two seconds (living the majority of your free time in one room makes you a little stir-crazy after a bit, I can't wait to get a house in Year 2)
• still missing my friends

On that subject, one of my friends from sixth form is moving to France until April next year, to work in a ski resort hotel... I know she'll really enjoy it, but I'll still miss her for the reason that she's in another country, even though where she lives in THIS country is a good hour away by car. She leaves today, in fact.

You might think that I'm being overly worked-up about people moving around in the world, people following up opportunities, I just want to make sure that I don't lose track with the exceedingly few friends I made during the past two years of sixth form (these are also the very few friends who I'd say are proper friends for life). Outside of the previous two years of sixth form, I'd honestly say that I only made two friends who I still talk to on a daily basis (or thereabouts), and one of those is living in Cyprus now for at least the next two years, working for Virgin Mobile! The jammy dodger... Still makes nipping round to see him a little challenging logistically.

At least some of my friends are still sticking a little closer to home (and I'm immensely grateful for still being in good contact with quite possibly the best friend I've ever had, one of about four or five people I'd willingly trust if they had to make a life-changing decision for me, so that's pretty close in terms of friendship!)

So, what have we learnt from this? Wherever you are, you can always count on your friends, and they're never too far away, so long as you remember that if your friendship was strong enough before you drifted away, you'll still drift back into conversation sooner or later in life, whatever circumstances may change.

So, besides from the parents (and the sister, have to mention her at least once a year I suppose)... To Helen, James, Leanne and Elliot: I love you all, you keep me going whatever happens and I rely on you all to help keep my sanity levels at their usual readings, thank you! There are others, but these are the first four my sleep-deprived brain plucked out of my memory at this stupid o' clock. At the risk of offending any other longtime friends who I've missed out... Those four are probably the most important.

To further offend, if my brain thought it logical to do so, they're most likely in rank order of importance to boot.

No Christmas presents for me this year. :D

People don't thank their friends often enough, I know it's implicitly understood and often implied by other actions, but everyone should say 'thank you for being my friend' more often. Isn't that a nice little spur-of-the-moment thought to ponder over your cornflakes today.

I hope that made at least a little sense at 8am, running on no sleep since 36 hours ago, but the situation you're placed in at Uni makes you much more acutely aware than usual as to just how valuable your true friends are, and never let them disappear lest your sanity should perish rather quickly!

What's nice is that while I'm here, I know I'm building up a nice extra bunch of brand new friends here at Uni, most of which I do hope I'll stay in contact with for as long as possible (or until one of us / all of us dies, whichever happens first I guess, as we all have to die sometime, he says somewhat morbidly).

Oh sorry, did I depress you? Merry Easter you happy bastards :P

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Freezing point outside already!

Yep, winter's here, and it bought a season ticket this year. It's now zero degrees celcius outside, and by 9am (three hours' time), it'll only be a whole two degrees warmer. This sucks rocks, I hate being cold, especially when I have nobody else warm and snuggly to cuddle up with in the evenings when I'm feeling cold!

... He said, rather soppily.

I'm seriously not looking forward to this coming winter though, it's bad enough it being cold and getting dark by 4:30pm, but having nobody else around like family or close friends really gets me down even more. Keep those blunt scissors away from me, I might start cutting into all this unsullied construction card I have lying around the place in a fit of desperation.

On the upside, come January, I can start turning the pages on my Family Guy 2006 calendar. And I must say, I'm rather looking forward to that. Not looking forward to the being alone-ness, the cold weather, the dark nights, and the poor financial status of my bank account. But hey ho ho ho. No pun there.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Grr, reading week almost over

I have to head back to Birmingham on Sunday evening, doh. I managed to meet up with a bunch of friends last night though, so that was really enjoyable. Best friend was there too, really missed her! It sucks living such a long way away from all my friends, so how grateful am I that we have the Interweb to communicate with :)

I'm hungry. Time for food yumyum.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Reading week. Great stuff!

Reading Week is this week... So I'm back home. Woohoo! Free food.

I think it's the lecturers' half term in actuality, but I don't mind ;) They also decided to disinfect and clean out the cold water tanks in our building, hence as I didn't really fancy walking five minutes just to go to the toilet, I decided to come home.

Worked out for the best really, I'm currently enjoying my freshly-maximised spongeing abilities! Free food, free washing, all sorts of lovely lovelies.

Also, decided to finally BlogShare index this blog. Might as well, the ther one's done.

Listed on BlogShares


Photos and more things coming veeeeeeery soon! (I pwomise)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Firealarms at twenty to 10 in the morning?

When I'm feeling horrendously ill and trying to get some quiet time sleeping off the rest of this horrible German flu that I was infected by from my travels last weekend?


.... And to my (obvious) delight, turned out to be (according to one of the security guards) someone on the fifth floor who was using the shower and left the door open causing the heat sensor in the hallway to go off from the steam...

Thank you, you're my SPECIAL FRIEND now. Special friends get a new one torn at the end of their preference if they happen to come into visual contact range. WIth no implements used other than my bare hands. And slowly, for accuracy.

Me? Bitter and twisted? Oh ho ho, you have it all wrong. ;)

Birmingham October evening skies (or, proof that beauty exists even when surrounded by concrete)

Check this out.

Taken from the window of my Halls Of Residence room at UCE Birmingham uni on the 29th of October. Nifty, huh. Click on it to get the full-sized image (about 1.33mb, and hugely wide and high, so be warned). Aren't autumnal-into-winter evening skies the best?

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