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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

First week: half-way there!

Wow, this first week is just... Crawling by. It's so boring, being given introductory lessons for hours. When do I get onto the proper stuff?

Pictures and more coming soon (the Internet connection here in Hall is really, REALLY bad).

Monday, September 19, 2005

33 megabytes a second, and I still have sore feet

Well, I'm all installed at my campus now, and Freshers' Week has started. Having problems getting my Internet connection set up in my room, but when I do I'll be posting up a lot more to this site (I'm waiting on the Resnet guys, they're the department who run the internet connections to campuses)...

... But I just ran a quick speed test.

Download Time : 0.031
Speed (Kbps) : 270600.3
Speed (KB/sec): 33825 KB/sec


Right, off to get drunk as a skunk, see you all in a few days ;)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tomorrow is Today! Argh

Oo er, it's all coming up on me rather quickly now... I had a wonderful evening tonight (well, technically, last night), I met up with my best mate and we went to see a film down ye olde cinema - and then, while we were in the cinema, we met some other friends from school, and we went to this pretty cool bar called the Spice Lounge (which has live music, usually funk/soul)... Danced like a muppet for about an hour, and then went home.

Had a great time, but I also feel really sad because, as I suspect any Uni student will tell you, it's incredibly painful half-severing ties with some of your best friends, especially if some of them aren't going to University themselves... It's horrible, for the first time in 18 years i felt like I fit in properly though with a group of real friends, and now - oh wait, no, you can't get comfy! Time to rip up half your brand new roots and move on, sunshine... Oh, and here's £15,000 of debt for you (because that's what I'll have after three years at Uni, at the very least).

I'm really going to miss a few people, they've become my best friends... And to add to that, another of my (only) mates from Wiltshire has been offered a job working for Virgin Mobile in Cyprus for two years (more if he renews his contract after two years), so he'll be off to sunnier climes imminently.

Everybody tells you this, but it's still really hard to try and not feel very isolated, and just a little bit alone. And I'm not even at Uni yet. I guess we can all take solace in the fact that we're all as much fishes-out-of-water insofar as ties to your old friends go. I know that my friends are never that far away, I mean hell, a couple of hours on the train max, but it's still going to be painful not being able to go up to them and just speak, face to face, to hug them and just be in the same room as them. It's incredibly harsh. I've moved schools and moved counties (making me move schools again), but this is the first time I've properly felt like I'm losing a limb, just when I got comfy! Very frustrating.

Roll on happier times... Aaah, woe is me, Yoric

Friday, September 16, 2005

One more day to go

Wow, time has really flied... I only have one more full day left at home before I move off to University. The weird factor is beginning to rise... My Dad came home with a duvet and a pots and pans set for me. :/

I don't think that the whole moving out of the house thing is upsetting me as much as the fact that I'm going to be so distant from my friends. I'm really going to miss them.


Monday, September 12, 2005

For the moment, jobless

I worked my last shift in the local supermarket (where I've been earning spare cash whilst i've been at sixth form) - hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be able to continue working for my employer at the local shop where I'm going to in Birmingham, anything to earn a little cash to pay for food :X

Not long now... I head up there on Saturday morning, and I probably won't be back until the weekend of October the 15th (my birthday, October the 13th, is on a Thursday, and that's the day we have timetabled as free every week by the Uni... Pubs, here I come :D).

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Only a week to go...

... The beginnings of trepidation are beginning to worm their way into my thoughts now. I'm really beginning to look forward to the next three years.

In other news, I worked my penultimate shift at the fun factory that's called Tesco today, and I have my last shift (for a month, at the least) tomorrow - then there's the small matter of my transfer application to the Birmingham store, which I'll probably have to do just to afford things such as food and water (cost of living is ridiculous, once you put it all on top of rent, fees etc...) Oh well, at least I think I might be able to wangle a little more convenient combination of shifts if I do get accepted to work in the Edgebaston (in Birmingham) store... Because like hell am I going to willingly agree to work weekends and Friday nights again. No way. No way José.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Lions and tigers and MMR jabs, oh my

Urgh, I was stuck with a needle and injected with live virus today. As she did it, the nurse told me she was "obliged to inform me that this is the American MMR jab," (probably because the UK's run out of stocks of our own variety, quel surprise), and promptly stuck me with the syringe. Lovely.

Odd that I'd not really want to have a simple immunisation done, when I've given blood several times using a needle that you can see down the middle of. Only took a second though, and the pain was negligible... I really am a total wuss.

Been leafing through my "Minty Freshers 05" pack I was mailed by the UCE Students' Union, it's looking good - though I can't decide whether to shell out £25 for this wristband that gives you guaranteed entry into every venue taking part in Freshers' Week, or whether I should just pay as I go... Hmm. Quite pleased that I've managed to (pretty much, albeit bar a few teething troubles) got my PC up and running again, means I at least have a half-decent machine to do Uni work on once the term begins proper. (It's taken me the best part of two weeks to get it to its current state, mission!)

Not relishing the thought of moving out of my bedroom, I love my little bedroom, it's cosy (parents would say messy, dirty and cramped) and I know where everything is (parents would say it's because I leave a trail of my possessions around me as I go, I'd be inclined to agree with that, but what's the problem?). Hmm.

That's what I've been thinking a lot of recently. "Hmm." Just 'hmm'. I think writers call this The Pragmatic Approach Toward The Unknown. I think it's a little of that, and a little apprehension. Not long now until I find out for certain.

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Monday, September 05, 2005

The trademark first post!

Wow, It's been a long time since I started a new blog (my first, and previous blog, is still going at kerblam.co.uk, even after all these years).

Hello world. :)

As this is such a seminal event in my life, I want to a) keep a record of my time here, and b) I don't mind if everybody else reads about it too.

For the record, I'm studying Music Technology & Production at the University of Central England in Birmingham, and my term starts on Monday the 19th of September (which is also International Talk Like A Pirate Day! How cool)... Well, Freshers' Week starts on the 19th, real work begins the week after.

It's going to be awesome.

Expect pictures and a rambling documentation of the move in to follow! For now, I have a domain name to register, and a design to do. Call back soon :D

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