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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

But now, on a lighter note,

I bring you the good news that I was paid yesterday. Yay.

However, a couple of downers to tinge that happy moment:

1) Tesco screwed up my pay again, and printed my P45 incorrectly (the document you get when you finish your employment with an employer) so it's going to be HELL trying to sort that confusion out with the tax office, and

2) Tesco made me redundant! Without warning! Which isn't helpful in the SLIGHTEST, I was budgeting for another month's worth of pay (at least!) and it's a bit of a kick in the balls to be sent a Dear John letter through the post when you get back from work one morning. Great, well done. After being told that it costs a store on average of a thousand pounds sterling (£1,000) to train an employee to work in a new section, based on lost time due to training or getting up to speed with the work, it seems a bit stupid to have made me redundant versus someone else, because I'm already trained for just about every department! They're *always* short for people like till monkeys, so that I've been made redundant is just pure madness (and a notice from head office that they can't afford to employ the temps any longer due to budgetary constraints).

Blah blah blah, whinge whinge whinge. At least I'm in one piece and I've been paid (roughly) the correct amount... Though tomorrow (well, today, but I've not gone to bed yet so it's still tomorrow, if you follow my warped logic!) I've got to go in to Tesco and discuss this more in-depth because it's all still a bit screwy. Blame the outsourced Indian finances department for that (yes, Tesco outsource ALL of their finances to India now, and it's causing no end of problems for them - but if it saves them 5p then it's obviously money well spent, isn't it, never mind the months of delays and financial fuck-ups resulting from all the upheaval and varying degrees of amateurish effort from the prats in India!!)

I got my letter through from UCE earlier this month - I passed this year, yay! - and I re-enrol on the... 12th is it? I dunno, around then... of September. Once that's done, I can officially start on my placement! Really looking forward to getting cracking now, I have a feeling the forty weeks are going to fly by before I've even realised it.

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