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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The best thing about student loans...

So it's next-part-of-student-loan time, and my bank account is flush with credit for once! So... What's the first thing I do?

Buy new electronics kit. :D

And of course, following the logical progression, money leads to technology... Which leads to new ways of enjoying your leisure time watching episodes of 24 or NCIS (both very good shows)... which leads to snack times... which leads to production of foods and drinks which aid in enjoyment of said televisual serials... which leads to me bringing the food into my room to eat whilst watching... which leads to the discovery of THE perfect storage medium for my food pre-consumption:


How much of a good design is the base unit of my new widescreen display :D (which, as you may want to know, is the EXCEEDINGLY good 19" Samsung SM940BW - for less than £140!)

I was so happy when it came today I took it out its box and actually hugged it :D I know I shouldn't have spent as much as I did, but it's something I've been meaning to buy for almost 3 years now, and I might as well buy it as soon as I get the loan so I can budget for the rest of the term accordingly. I have a bit more cash coming in soon hopefully which'll offset that expenditure, and I don't spend outside my means - I only have debit cards (deliberately) so if I run out of money I'm really up shit creek! so I make sure I always have enough money for my standing orders and direct debits for phone and suchlike, even if it means I live on beans for two months. Needs must! ...Well, I wouldn't be much of a student if I was poshing it on Marks & Spencer's Food Court ready meals all year would I ;)

So, Uni-wise, what's in store for me soon? Well, I have a couple of exams next week, then a couple of weeks of just random lectures to round up the term, then loads of free time! So, I think I'm going to start my placement at Revolver Records (in Wolverhampton) a little early - maybe even work through the summmer. As it's unpaid though, I'm going to try and find some other sources of money as well as maybe pester the Uni for some kind of bursary or grant, as the student loans company has loads of categories for grants if you're on an NHS placement, a scientific placement, plus a bunch of other industry-specific placements... And a big fat box for NO EXTRA MONEY FOR YOU! (words to that effect) if you're on any other kind of loan.

And, as with half of the regular loan (standard for sandwich year students) but all of the regular outgoing costs, I'm going to be something like approaching £800-1000 short in reality, so I'm not quite sure how this is going to work. Oh well, fingers crossed... This year's shaping up to be a blisteringly-hot summer again though, so I must try and get more of a tan than last year (I'm pasty as anything!) Time to crack out the shorts and t-shirts :)

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